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Passionate about your safety, Hcsd is not your ordinary Security Supplier � we provide custom made safety and security solutions, allowing you to always be at least one step ahead of the criminally inclined.

Our safety experts won�t think twice to use non-conventional methods during the initial designing of your security solution, such as jumping over 6 foot walls or climbing telephone poles. We make it our mission to design a security solution with no apparent loopholes, whether it is to optimally ensure the safety of your family & cherished possessions or staff & valuable business.

Hcsd  provides a comprehensive Security Service which includes technical support & proactive planning in Complex Security, Corporate Security & Home Security, always using reliable & cost effective leading edge technology of CCTV Surveillance Systems, Electric Fencing, SMS/Modem Communication Alarm Systems, Perimeter Beams & Passives and Access Control




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